BISAT Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a multi domain Information Technology Solutions Company. We believe in being a catalyst capable of making positive sustainable changes in our Clients’ overall business process. We have special focus on the aspects like strategic planning, people management, disruptive technologies etc. We work with clients in varied sectors like Agro Industry, Banking & Finance, Construction, Education, Energy, Travel &Tourism, Hospitality, Health Care, Micro- Enterprises etc. We are a one stop shop for your IT requirements

BISAT is managed by a team of young technology and management professionals. We aim to develop into an Indian MNC practicing professional management and collective corporate ownership

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We provide enhanced and value added services through our system integrated IT solutions


We simplify complex process by developing user friendly applications; enhance accessibility across the world.


We cater mobile application services to the changing world of mobile technology by being precisely relevant.

SEO Services

Improving the quality and volume of web traffic to your website by employing a series of proven SEO techniques.


We help businesses like your company grow more effectively and at a lower cost through inbound marketing.


Creating striking designs. We have the skills and vision to help your business stand out from the crowd


The updated quality programme escalates the chances of employability of every aspiring candidate in their specific careers


Want to know BISAT’s shining secret to success?

Quite simply, the answer is our highly dedicated team of energetic and enthusiastic individuals. We always hire talented and customer oriented individuals who are passionate to excel and perfectly fit into our collaborative team culture. If you believe that you have such spirit and passion, we would love to hire you . Beyond all that , enjoy working with cool colleagues!!!!

Please send your resume to info@bisattech.in

BISAT - Professional Advancement & Career Kindling programme

BISAT – PACK in its expanded form reads as BISAT - Professional Advancement & Career Kindling programme . Charming live projects, hands on technical skill and soft skills makes it the most relevant and appropriate working experiance for every future career aspirant. BISAT Team provides Professional Life skills training with the true industrial strategy with the motto “ Right person for the right job”. Training is an integral part in the assurance of the quality of output in any industry. we provide technical and personal trainings to enhance the technical skill set which enable the employees to advance in their career also improving the interpersonal communication to adapt with the industrial atmosphere dealing with the target oriented work schedules and dealing with the stress , pressure involved which mutually benefits the employer and the employee.


Get moulded as a professional.Every industry is on the lookout for employable candidates.Be the best.!!!

  • PHP
  • Asp.Net
  • Java
  • Android
  • IOS

Professional life skill Training

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Meeting Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Test Analysis etc.

Forthcoming Training Programmes

6 months, 3 months and 2 months Crash Courses

  • IT & Media related Trainings
  • Foreign Language Trainings
  • Experiential Technology (ExTech) Training
  • Soft Skills and Life Skills Training

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